Dream Holidays: Find the Holiday of Your Dreams

From the Caribbean to Egypt to ski vacations in the Alps, Dream Holidays specialises in tailor-made first-class vacations around the world. We concentrate on consumers who want their holidays to be a great experience, because we deliver supreme service levels, going beyond customer expectations.

Design Your Own Dream HolidayWe are dedicated to ensuring that you, the customer, can live the holiday you’ve always wanted. Surf our collection of all-inclusive holidays, learn about our economical self-catering packages, and book with us for incredible savings. Do you prefer an exclusive five-star resort, or are you happy in a bed and breakfast? We give you amazing holidays to a variety of destinations worldwide, customised to your individual preferences.

Dream Holidays consists of a group of committed professionals, each contributing his or her know-how to deliver and ensure total satisfaction for our clients. With our detailed planning, cost valuations and premium hotel suggestions we provide the best dream holidays in the entire industry. We have strong and dependable relationships with all our partners and associates, including hoteliers, airlines and ground transport providers.

Tour Packages

Caribbean Tour

Are you longing for a Caribbean getaway? Dream Holidays offers tours to the Caribbean islands of Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica and Saint Lucia. Start exploring the dream holiday packages available now – we’ll help you find the vacation that’s right for you and your family/friends. Let Dream Holidays be the foundation of your Caribbean tour.


Dream Holidays gives you the opportunity to explore China’s rich history, culture and landscape. You will be amazed at the photo opportunities provided by this remarkable country, one of the most fascinating ancient civilisations in the world. Visit the Great Wall, which is now a World Heritage Site, and also make time for must-sees such as the terracotta warriors and horses, and also the Yangtze River. Let one of our tour specialists assist you in creating the ultimate dream holiday in China.


There’s no other place on earth quite like Australia. Take a dream holiday and discover what makes Australia unique. Perhaps it’s the people, or maybe the landscape. Could it be the natural beauty, or is it the blend of modern cities and ancient culture? Visit local treasures such as the Sydney Opera House and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Click here now for more details on this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Central America

We offer full, made to order dream holidays to Mexico and Cuba. Mexico is a beautiful destination for a dream holiday not only because of the outstanding resorts and tourist attractions but also because of the low prices. And Cuba, with its magnificent beaches, stunning mountain views and exceptional nightlife is also a great choice for a dream holiday getaway.


It’s hard to know how to begin planning an African dream vacation, since Africa perhaps showcases the greatest variety of cultures, flora and fauna and landscapes on one continent. Dream Vacations has a full range of African safaris to suit every taste and budget. Contact us today to book your African experience.


The Maldives

The hundreds of unexplored islands of the Maldives make this a spectacular vacation spot. A Maldives dream holiday is the perfect choice for you if you love the sun and beaches. Book your Maldives dream vacation now, and enjoy this almost uncharted getaway.


The island of Mauritius has some of the finest beaches in the world, along with a host of other tourist attractions. It is also famous for its rich culture and traditions. Plan a visit to Mauritius to explore all the wonders of this incredibly beautiful destination. Dream Vacations will give you a wonderful Mauritius experience that you will treasure for a long time.


Owing to the countless cultural experiences, tourist attractions, and culinary delights Asia holds, it is an unbelievable travel destination for first time guests, or repeat visitors. Dream Vacations will take you to Indonesia and Thailand, a once in a lifetime trip that will introduce you to the unique culture of the region.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven states. This is a country of extremes, with something to offer every visitor. Guarantee an outstanding Emirate experience by booking your trip with Dream Holidays. We will give you the best advice on flights, dining, hotels and tourist attractions, making your trip the dream holiday it was meant to be.

United States

Didn’t think the United States had much to offer in the way of tourism, did you? Well, think again. Dream Vacations will take you to the spectacular states of Florida, California and New York, and to the famed Grand Canyon in Arizona. Click here to find out more about dream holidays in the US.